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Property types Property types

Pattaya housing market offers vast range of choices, and that is why you should better define your demands as clear as possible before start searching property to rent. Specify your own priorities. Have a close look at property pictures, because without studying photos you cannot figure out why a studio can be more expensive, than two bedroom apartment...

Property Rent: points of attention Property Rent: points of attention

First, all the contract details, especially rental terms and fees, should be clear and understood by both sides. Specify, how the deposit should be returned, how all the extra payments should be made etc. Inform your landlord (property owner) about your arrival date and time.

How can I offer my property for rent? How can I offer my property for rent?

Start with placing your property information on this website. This is a stage of crucial importance, because you need your property to be noticed and found among many others. Express yourself as much as possible, catch up the reader’s attention in a headline and description.

Extra charges Extra charges

Electric power, water bills etc. As a rule, these bills are not included into rental fee and should be paid separately. Electric power and water consummation is measured by meters uand upon checking in and checking out. Better if you know the power and water unit prices before checking in, because the rates..




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