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About us

It goes without saying that your impression of your stay in Thailand will depend first of all on your accommodation. Having a comfortable and safe place to live in is even more important than full stomach.

How to find accommodation from your home? How to rent an apartment being already here, in Pattaya? You can search Internet or visit offices and condominiums here in Pattaya. Besides there are many homeowners which are difficult to find. And how will you understand if the information you get is reliable or not in case you are not at the place?

We have created SUNTALAY service to help you to find accommodation whether you are at home, or you are already here in Pattaya. Our website contains real rental offers in Pattaya both from real estate agencies and homeowners.

We have verified all agencies and homeowners. If you need support, you can contact our hotline. If necessary, we are ready to act as aт intermediary in disputes and disagreements, we will help you to understand each other.

We ourselves are a facility management company (Pattaya Rent Service Co. Ltd., and we carefully control and ensure that all offers and services presented in our website are up to appropriate standards.