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How can I offer my property for rent?

How can I offer my property for rent?

Start with placing your property information on this website. This is a stage of crucial importance, because you need your property to be noticed and found among many others. Express yourself as much as possible, catch up the reader’s attention in a headline and description.

While making photos, remember, that you are advertising your property. The picture should be informative and of good quality. Our staff photographer service is available upon your request.

Maintain your property rent calendar, keep it updated.

Potential tenant just emailed me. What can I do now?

Reply promptly. Be polite and patient, remember, people are planning their vacation, and now you have a lot to do with somebody's future holidays.

Please be kindly informed, that before the booking confirmation any direct contacts or liaisons with customers are allowed only through this website.

It is quite possible, that your future tenant doesn’t have any idea about many issues seeming obvious for you. Keep him informed about all the details, even those he didn’t ask about.

Prepaid amount of money is received. What should I do now?

Ask the tenant about all the arrival details. Meet him. Assist him in checking in process. Remember, your customers are tired after long flight. Be hospitable, indulgent and patient.

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