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Property types

Property types

All the rental options could be categorized by three types:

Guest Houses

As a rule, it is a modest-sized room either with air conditioner or without. Pattaya has a plenty of guest houses, located everywhere. Daily rental rate varies from THB 300 to THB 2,000. Usual guest house room has no kitchen, while the whole property has no other facilities besides reception and security.

This kind of property matches short-time rental needs. It could be also considered as a temporary stay option for the time of looking around.


Condominium is a building consisting of many apartments. Nearly all the condos in Pattaya have swimming pools, security and reception services, many have gyms and children playgrounds. All the condo buildings are given with their own unique names, which are normally enough to serve as an address for taxi.

There are several types of units in condominium:


Sleeping, living and kitchen areas are all in one room. Room size could be from 20 to 80 m2.

Apartment with separated bedroom

In Thailand an apartment is called “one bedroom” if it has just one separated bedroom, no matter how many rooms of other types else, only bedrooms are counted. Unit with two bedrooms and one living room is called “two-bedroom apartment” etc. Number of toilet or shower rooms might or might not follow the number of bedrooms. 


Penthouse is an apartment on the top floor having its own entrance to the roof. Two-layer penthouse is called penthouse. Normally, penthouse apartments have more than one toilet and shower room.


Most popular type of this kind of property is a detached house within a certain secured territory – i.e. village, each bearing its own unique name as well. Pattaya has two distinct village areas: downtown and Eastern Pattaya (means the territory eastward from Sukhumvit Rd.). Eastern Pattaya houses rental fees are generally lower than in downtown, but the contract terms are normally longer. There could be personal swimming pool at the house or common pool in the village, gym or tennis court, depending on the property level. In downtown, many houses (villas) could be rented on a short term basis.


Pattaya housing market offers vast range of choices, and that is why you should better define your demands as clear as possible before start searching property to rent. Specify your own priorities. Have a close look at property pictures, because without studying photos you cannot figure out why a studio can be more expensive, than two bedroom apartment.

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