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What is Suntalay?

At first glance it may seem one of many sites operating in Pattaya market, leave alone worldwide sites.

But this is only at first glance. First of all, our site is a powerful instrument for landlords that allows to keep financial accounting, keep a calendar of occupancy, keep records of utility payments (water and power supply), check-ins and check-outs, receive a lot of statistics which, by experience, is very helpful in making one’s business more profitable and efficient, as well as run automatic search of offers according to a request.

The website has been created special for Pattaya. We didn’t buy any ready-made solutions. In fact, none of global websites provide an opportunity for landlords to run search by condominium or by area. Based on our experience since 2008 we can tell that this search field is one of the most important.

We are all at hand and can at as an intermediary if any disputes arise.

Many real estate agencies refuse to deal with short-term rent as the process is too expensive and requires a lot of resources. Suntalay service allows to manage rent of 80-100 items of property using only one operator.

Besides both a landlord of one flat or a real estate agency can use our check-in and check-out service as well as order cleaning.

Placing offers in the website is free of charge. We take commission only for deals made in the website.

We would like to draw your attention to only one but very important matter. Please always keep the calendar of occupancy up to date. I helps to keep the website popular. So, it's important and beneficial to all!

Please feel free to contact us. We are always open to your comments!