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Searching for an appropriate accommodation in Pattaya is quite easy.

Just use all searching tools:

- Fill in the most important fields in the Advanced Search form.

- If you already have any preferred condominiums in mind please select them in the search form.

- Enter the preferred area into the search form or mark the place on the map. The search results will give you all items that meet your criteria.

- Save the most interesting items in Favourites. The most convenient way is to send the first request to the group of selected offers.

Check more detailed information on a unit and sent a rental request to the Owner (“BOOK” button).

Find out rental details through message communication.

After you have discussed all rental details the owner may suggest that you should make a Down Payment (Reservation Deposit). The status of the offer will be “Confirmed”.

Make the Down Payment by your bank card. We use PayPal system. Registration in the system is not necessary. You can just enter your details and the details of your bank card. Payment through PayPal is absolutely safe.

The status of the offer will be “PAID”.

After you have made the Down Payment you can see the rental details in the Voucher. The Voucher is the confirmation of the completed rental transaction. Print it out and bring it with you for check-in.

Discuss the details of how you will meet with the Owner. Now you can see his / her contact details (telephone and e-mail).

We will keep the Down Payment (Reservation Deposit) that you have made. We will transfer it to the Owner on the next day after your check-in if you don’t have any complaints.

Helpful tips on handling your property units

You can add property units on the website very easy. Just give it an explanatory name and a unique ID number.

If you have many units of the same type you can copy them. Don’t forget to add specific descriptions and photos to each unit. This will help to speed up the process of adding the units.

You can select a condo (village / guesthouse / hotel) out from the list and if it’s not listed you can add it by yourself.

Specify the rental rules in the overview description of your property unit.

Customize and manage your units.

- prices by periods (seasons)

- financial accounting (debit/credit)

- recording of payments and readings of water and electricity meters

Check-in and check-out: who and when? Money: how much to take/give? You can find the answers to these questions in the Dashboard.

It will be easier and more convenient to select an apartment that will match a request (not only for a client from the website) when you see the entire picture of property occupancy. You can enter the details of the request to the Calendar of Units and move it back and forth in order to avoid big gaps in the rental schedule.

You can offer not only your own units. You can contact other property owners on the website and negotiate. The most important thing is to offer accommodation to people!

Are you renting out property in Pattaya?

In the course of communication you can do the following.
- Confirm a rental request. In this case the tenant will be able to pay the rental deposit (advance payment). The status of the offer will be CONFIRMED.
- Offer another unit or offer to change the dates of rent of the selected property. In this case a new course of communication will start.
- Reject a tenant’s request. In this case the communication will stop.

- After a tenant has paid the advance (the status of the offer will change to PAID), you will be able to contact his or her e-mail or phone, but we recommend you to continue the documented communication on the website.

After a tenant has paid the rental deposit the home owner will receive the booking notification.

The rental deposit (advance payment) will be kept by SUNTALAY and transferred to the home owner in 24 hours after the tenant checks-in.
In exceptional cases the home owner may receive the rental deposit (advance payment) earlier in cash in the office of Pattaya Rent Service Co. Ltd.

Home owners (real estate agents) have an opportunity to automate their business processes and make them more efficient.

- Add unlimited items of property to the website free of charge.
- Monitor cash inflows and outflows for each item of property.
- Monitor readings of electric and water meters and utility payments.
- Monitor the calendar of occupation of their own property and other properties placed on the website for more efficient work.
- Adjust the price of property items depending on a season (calendar).
- Monitor activity reports (by means of the dashboard).
- Make financial statements for each item of property.
- Make automatic selection of properties in Pattaya according to requests received (not only on the website).