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How it works

SUNTALAY service has been designed for fast, easy and secure search for property to rent in Pattaya.

As for home owners and real estate agents, they have an opportunity both to rent our their property through the website and to do all relevant accounting in their personal area, receive plenty of statistics information and easily make selections for each request.


All options of the website except viewing advertisements are available only for registered users. The registration procedure will not take much time.

After a potential tenant has completed selection of interesting items of property, he or she will send a request to the landlords. They start communication aiming at booking the selected property for certain dates and certain price under certain conditions.


Are you renting out property in Pattaya?

Home owners (real estate agents) have an opportunity to automate their business processes and make them more efficient.

- Add unlimited items of property to the website free of charge.

- Monitor cash inflows and outflows for each item of property.

- Monitor readings of electric and water meters and utility payments.

- Monitor the calendar of occupation of their own property and other properties placed on the website for more efficient work.

- Adjust the price of property items depending on a season (calendar).

- Monitor activity reports (by means of the dashboard).

- Make financial statements for each item of property.

- Make automatic selection of properties in Pattaya according to requests received (not only on the website).

In the course of communication you can do the following.

- Confirm a rental request. In this case the tenant will be able to pay the rental deposit (advance payment). The status of the offer will be CONFIRMED.

- Offer another unit or offer to change the dates of rent of the selected property. In this case a new course of communication will start.

- Reject a tenant’s request. In this case the communication will stop.

- After a tenant has paid the advance (the status of the offer will change to PAID), you will be able to contact his or her e-mail or phone, but we recommend you to continue the documented communication on the website.


After a tenant has paid the rental deposit the home owner will receive the booking notification. The rental deposit (advance payment) will be kept by SUNTALAY and transferred to the home owner in 24 hours after the tenant checks-in.

In exceptional cases the home owner may receive the rental deposit (advance payment) earlier in cash in the office of Pattaya Rent Service Co. Ltd.

Are you searching for property for rent in Pattaya?

Fill in all key criteria in the search form. Choose the location on the map and you will see all property items matching the specified criteria in this location.

You can send an unlimited number of rental requests.

After you have sent the request for the selected property, the course of communication with its owner will start.

In the course of communication you can do the following.

- Change the initial rental dates.

- Pay for the property offered by the owner (with the status CONFIRMED). In this case the tenant and the landlord will be sure that the rental transaction is valid. The status of the property will change to PAID.

- Add all interesting property items into Favourites folder. You can send one request for all items selected as Favourites, which will help you to save time.

- Discuss all details with the owner, clarify the procedure of utilities and other payments, the procedure for repayment and the amount of security deposit.


Having made the advance payment the tenant will receive a notification (voucher).

At the check-in the tenant will make the rental payment less the booking deposit (advance payment) and will make all other payments discussed (security deposit).

Normally, at the check-out the tenant will pay bills for electricity, water and cleaning (if these payments are specified in the rental agreement in full or in part) and get back the security deposit.

Both the home owner and the tenant may leave a comment upon the results of the transaction. The comments will help you to be on the safe side when selecting or renting out a property.


If any questions arise, SUNTALAY provides a 24-hour support for all registered users in three languages.

We are always ready to help and answer your questions!