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These conditions of use represent the public offer made by Pattaya Rent Service Co. Ltd., the operator of the websites and

1. Terms of service.

1.1. The parties accept the following terms and expressions.

      “Website” means any Internet site placed in domains and .

      “Platform” means software for operating the website.

      “User” means any capable person acting in its individual capacity or on behalf of any legal entity of any form of incorporation that agrees with this offer.

      “Landlord” means any user placing a rental offer in respect of property owned or managed by him, on the website.

      “Tenant” means any capable person who reserves property on the website.

      “Cancellation of reservation” means terms and conditions of cancellation of reservation made on the website.

1.2. The service may be received with the use of any tools and in any manner within the options specified herein, including:

      browsing through information placed on the website;

      registration or entering the website for any activities specified by this offer;

     publication of any materials on the website which are not contrary to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, including texts, photos, video and audio materials, hyperlinks.

1.3. Using all mentioned options the parties agree about the following:

     а) The user have read, fully understood and agreed with the terms and conditions of this offer.

     b) The offer may be changed by the website’s management without prior notice. Any new version of the offer will be in force from the date of its publishing. All users will get notification of changes in the manner specified by them upon registration on the website.

2. General terms and conditions of use.

2.1. All options and services of the website are available only for registered users.

2.2. This public offer contains main options of the website, but not all of them. All options can be seen on the website in relevant sections or may be announced separately.

2.3. Login and password comprise the sufficient information to enter the website. The user is solely responsible for confidentiality of this information outside the website.

3. Services of Suntalay.

3.1. The website provides a ground where property owners can place their rental offers. Guests (tenants) can rent and reserve the offered property.

3.2. Placing rental offers is free of charge.

3.3. Automation of landlords’ business processes is free of charge.

3.4. Suntalay is not responsible for verification of all rental offers. But Suntalay verifies all landlords, including their identification, and in most cases meets them in person.

4. Placing an offer. Request for reservation of property for certain dates. Reservation. Check-in and check-out. Financial relations between the parties. Cancellation of reservation.

4.1. Rental offers placed on the website by the landlord including photos of property, description, specification and price, are considered as public offers.

The following conditions or circumstances must be accepted or occur for the parties (the landlord and the tenant) could accept the offer:

a) The landlord and the tenant must discuss and agree the dates of the tenant’s stay in the property of the landlord, the costs and all issues concerning check-in, check-out and the landlord’s policies.

b) The tenant accepts and agrees with the policies specified in the description of the landlord’s property. By sending a request the tenant agrees with the rental policies and rules, and by paying the deposit the tenant agrees with the cancellation policy established or agreed by the landlord.

4.1.1. Upon agreement of the parties and payment of necessary amounts Suntalay notifies both parties that the reservation is complete.

4.1.2. The service cost (commission) of Suntalay is calculated as percentage interest of the total amount of the order. The commission of Suntalay is 10 % (ten per cent).

4.1.3 The tenant makes all necessary additional payments to the landlord at check-in and, in case there are no special notifications sent to Suntalay, the rental deal is complete.

4.1.4 The landlord and the tenant sign the rental contract and notify each other in writing that the rent of the property in Pattaya is complete.

4.1.5 Suntalay transfers the deposit received from the tenant less the commission of the website to the landlord’s account within 24 hours from the moment of signing the rental contract. in exceptional circumstances Suntalay may transfer the reservation deposit to the landlord  before this time. The deposit may be paid to the landlord in cash in the office of Pattaya Rent Service Co. Ltd.

4.1.6 If the reservation is cancelled upon the agreement of the parties the tenant will receive the deposit back as agreed with the landlord less the commission of Suntalay and cost of transferring the money back to the tenant.

5. Agreement about using materials uploaded to the website.

5.1. By accepting this offer the landlord allows the website to use all materials within this service free of charge.

5.2. Using the received materials by the website includes the following:

right to public display of the materials;

right to change the materials as Suntalay thinks fit (add water marks to the photos, crop the photos, translate the text into languages provided by the website).

6. Responsibility and restrictions.

By accepting the conditions of this offer the user acknowledges the following:

6.1. The person placing the rental offer in respect of property in Pattaya will be fully responsible for adequacy of the information in the rental offer.

6.2. All information placed on the website by the users must not contravene with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand and must not violate anyone’s feelings.

6.3. The management of the website retains the right to delete any materials from the website or restrict access to the website at its sole discretion without giving reasons.

6.4. The management of the website retains the right to block the account of the user in case of violation of this offer’s provisions.

6.5. In case the management of the website is brought to account or is imposed a penalty for violation of any laws by the materials placed on the website by a user, the user must cover all costs incurred by the management of the website in this respect.

7. Miscellaneous.

7.1. The registered user will decide at his convenience on how he will use the account. But using the account must not contravene with the provisions of this offer

7.2. This offer may be changed or cancelled by the management of the website at its sole discretion.