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Pest Control Service

It is common knowledge that humans aren't Earth's only inhabitants. But since we mostly live in company of our own kind, it's quite difficult to imagine how enormous and varied the world of our planet-mates is.

In the same time there is more than one million species of only insects, that have been recorded, taking all ecological niches and dwelling in most diverse places, even in Antarctica. In addition to that, according to various estimations, up to five more million species are still to be described and recorded.

Just imagine, that the combined weight of all ants is roughly equal to the weight of all mankind, and the combined weight of all termites is five times more than all humans! These calculations are, of course, quite approximate, but still they give a general idea about whom we have to live with side to side.

Obviously, areas of our activities overlap with those of our neighbors. And such overlap is not always a pleasant thing, especially when those pesky insects begin to show up at the places we believed were solely our own – our homes, offices, shops and restaurants.

It is most likely that many of you are in the state of constant confrontation with those uninvited guests.

Means and tools change, but the result stays the same – they always come back, now and again.

Any products that you can find in shops are aimed to solve a localized problem for a short period of time. However, complex solutions are only available from expert companies with specialized equiment and special expertise.

Our company will allow you to draw a red line – a borderline, which will be forever closed for all types of insects.

Trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Even sweet condensed milk mixed with honey will not attract anyone, simply because there will be no one to feast on such an exquisite treat. Now you will never see live insects in the areas, which have been treated. We guarantee that.

Just invite our staff over and we will solve the issue of red line for insects straight away. We shall plan our visits with frequency starting from 6 times per year (condo) up to 24 times (house, restaurant) per year and we will keep sustaining the results achieved.

Remember, some insect species are not only dangerous for your wooden items and structural elements, but for your own health as well.


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